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Zeppelins at the Gas Works

I've had this idea for a couple of days now. Just north of downtown Seattle is the Gas Works Park. It has a some really cool old industrial equipment. I've also been following the Steampunk Wallpaper blog. Combining these ideas, I thought the gas works park would make some pretty cool steampunk. All I needed was something to make it more interesting. The obvious choice was airships.

Enter Flickr. A couple of searches turned up a great photo of gas work park, and a couple of zeppelins. Some time spent with Gimp and I had something looking pretty decent. I still needed that antique paper look, though. This time Deviant Art turned up a great old paper I could overlay as a texture.

And the final image looks like this.

Update: I forgot to give credit to viZZZual.com for the clouds.

Update #2: I thought the black border made this look a bit dark so I changed the border to white. Check it out here. I'm also working on full-screen versions (in black- and white-bordered). I'm not happy with the border yet. I'll be working on those on the bus this evening.

Update #3: Now in full-screen with your choice of white or black borders.


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