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June 10, 2008

Inspired by Legos, Built on Linux

So, I'm watching Donny Deutsch tonight, and the guest is talking about his product Bug Labs. The short story is that it's a mini Linux platform with pluggable modules so you can "build" you own device and write your own applications for the device. It has a color touch screen module, a GPS module, a camera module, and motion sensor/accelerometer module.

The platform currently only "supports" Java (from the site: "At present, it is our strong recommendation that only Java programmers, or those familiar with developing Linux applications purchase the BUG."). They have more modules on the way. They have a pretty good library of user-submitted applications. I think the whole thing looks pretty sweet.

The inventor tells the story that he was playing with Legos with his son when he came up with the idea "Why can't this block be a GPS unit, this one be a digital camera and they snap together and it just works?"

Now my remaining question is "What distro is it built on?"

June 17, 2008

Firefox Fail

I've been using the Firefox 3 beta for a while. Today (June 17) is the big world record download day and they are having problems. They have been down. They have had to roll back to the "old" page. And now they have the new page touting Firefox3, but are linking to the old release. ff-fail.png Oops.

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