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My new binary clock

I got tired of the binary clock dock app that I've been using: one column per digit displaying the hour:minute:second. Fortunately, it being open source and me being a programmer, I can look inside and modify it. It's a fairly simple C program using some X11 libraries. It uses localtime() from time.h and prints it to a string. It then parses that string to determine what the display should look like. The original code examined each char in the string and then used a case to compare the char to the digits 1-9 to set the "bits" to display (lame).

bin_clock.gif My new version gets the month (+1) and mday from the tm struct in addition to the time. It then examines the string two bytes at a time and does atoi() to get the actual numeric value, then checks the bits in the (now one) byte to store for display. I added one more row of "lights" and "rotated" the display 90 degrees to the right.

Can you tell what time it is in this .gif?


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