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What's in your iPod?

I am a computer geek. I'm also a bit of a music geek. I'm not obsessive. I just like to explore and find new things. Since getting an iPod, Lisa has given me a hard time about in being permanently attached to my arm. (I have a Nano with an arm-band. I do wear it just about all the time.) When you have a house with numerous parrots, it can get quite loud. Have you ever wondered what a cockatoo sounds like up close personal? I don't have to wonder. I have the pleasure of experiencing it several times a day. I wear earphones a lot at home because:

  1. I like to listen to music
  2. I like to hear the music that I am listening to
  3. I would not otherwise be able to hear over the din of parrots
  4. I would not have an uninterrupted listening experience as I move from one room to the other in my house

Therefore, I take my music with me and pump the sound directly into my ear canal, bypassing all of the other sounds that could pollute my listening experience.

As I said, I like to explore new things. That's why I listen to several of the podcast that I do. What do I listen to?

I recently subscribed to CBC Radio 3's podcast, but I am still trying to decide if I will keep it. It seems to be a combined feed of their Track of the Day and R3-30 podcasts. I like the Track of the Day, but the personalities on the R3-30 really turn me off. I'm listening to my iPod so I don't have to listen to annoying radio personalities banter about the most inane stuff. But I digress.

There are other podcasts that I listen to.

Additionally, I capture a stream of A Prairie Home Companion and create a privately hosted podcast for myself. I'm also trying to get a similar podcast for The Thistle & Shamrock but have had issues with timing and availability. I got two shows captured correctly, but then my server time changed and then the stream was unavailable and then I haven't gotten the proper timing for my new source.

At any rate, those are the podcasts that I listen to. I'd like to find other things to listen to. I'm open to suggestions.


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