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Belgian Delirium

I like beer. I think I like beer more that the average guy. And I don't mean that I like to drink the awful swill that major American breweries call beer. I like full-bodied beer. I like to try new styles by different breweries from other countries. I like to make my own beer.

Tonight, the company I work for had going away drinks for a couple of employees who are leaving on good terms. We went to a local club near our office. I got there late due to work obligations and began to peruse the beer list. I saw a bottled beer with a $21 price tag. delerium.jpg My immediate thought was "What does a $21 beer taste like?"

Fortunately for me, I was not buying drinks this evening, so I felt quite free to try this beverage. I must say that I was rather impressed. It had a nice light body, but it did not leave me wanting for taste. It had a bit of an apple cider flavor to in; just a bit acidic, but balance well by a hoppiness. At 8.5% alcohol by volume and 25 oz (Actually, it was 750 ml, but we Americans are too stupid to know how much that is.), it packed quite the punch. A co-worker was so impressed by a taste of it that they ordered second bottle.

Unfortunately I had to leave before I knew that the second bottle was empty. My bottle had quite dried up by then. But, then again, at least one other person helped themselves to at least 8 of those 25 tasty ounces.


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