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The Simpsons: Bigger, Longer, Just as Pointless

I went to see The Simpsons Movie today, on my employer's time and money, of course. The entire Engineering department made an outing of it. Had it not been paid for, I would not have seen this movie. Unless you really like The Simpsons (And really, who does? It's only been on the air for 18 years. This fall, college freshmen will never have known a world sans Simpsons.), I would not bother with the box office experience. Oh, sure, there were some snarky jokes. There was general lampooning of the executive branch of government. There was even Fox poking itself in the eye when it not only advertised for another show during the movie, but acknowledged how lame an idea it was.

However, Homer sums up the movie before the opening credits: Anyone who would pay to see something that they can get at home for free is crazy. The overall story arc of the movie was what one would expect from a TV show gone Big Screen. It could have been done in a half an hour, possibly 45 minutes. To stretch it to nearly an hour and half required excessive ancillary story development. Or, the could have better developed some of the other story potential (Lisa's new boyfriend?) to make a more compelling movie, but that would have required The Simpsons to step out of the "funny" realm and develop a slightly more serious tone. We couldn't have that now could we?

The biggest kicker for me: the whole premise for the main conflict (rampant pollution) is not resolved, or even really addressed in the entire second half of the film. It's a problem that just quietly goes away. Isn't that part of the problem that have in this country? If we don't talk about the nasty issues, they'll just disappear. But I digress.

The Simpsons Meh-vie. Meh.


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